Downtown Minneapolis Proposal

Brock and Brittany were engaged in February on a picturesque rooftop in downtown Minneapolis.  When Brock approached me about photographing the event I was beyond excited. These two are some of my closest friends, and once again photography gives me an opportunity to capture real, raw moments in the lives of people I deeply care about! Something I will probably never get over, nor take for granted. 

However, the thing about me is, I can’t lie without sweating and stumbling over words. If you have seen New Girl, I’m the Nick Miller of lying. Throughout the proposal planning I would play YouTube videos of Nick attempting to lie in order to not feel alone. If you have no idea who Nick Miller is, do yourself a favor and click here. And because Brittany is such a close friend, there were multiple times where I had to lie to her face or completely avoid her! Britt, I apologize again. It was for the greater good. 

We had all heard Brittany’s ideas on her future proposal, which included me hiding in the bushes taking photos, and her best friend Karissa, who currently lives in CA, would be there as well and would jump out and surprise her. After her engagement, she would be whisked away to an engagement party with all of her family and friends. To make this all happen was quite the ordeal, but it was totally worth the lies, stress, anxiety, etc… :)  

Once on the rooftop, I’m not sure if Brock was able to get in any sincere words between Brittany hitting him with flowers and her yelling at the top of her lungs due to excitement. We may never know. I was crying behind my camera and everything in my mind from that day is kind of a blur. 

Congrats again, Team B-Welch. Let’s goooooo!


Yeah, sorry again.