Word on the Street

Thank you so much for your help and guidance yesterday. Kyle and I truly enjoyed our day thanks to you! Many guests remarked how great you and your assistant were! It makes such a difference.
— Kyle & Abbey

The biggest and most important moments of life are often over in what feels like the blink of an eye – your best friend takes you to brunch and tells you she’s pregnant, you take a phone call and hear that you’re being offered your dream job, you glance over at your boyfriend, and suddenly he’s down on one knee. In the fastest, most unexpected instant, your whole world can change for the better, and you’re overwhelmed by emotion – surprise, excitement, yelling, jumping… and then, just as suddenly, it’s over. You’re left with the task of remembering and recalling that emotion; left hoping that your mind can hold on to all of the details, nuances, and joy of the moment you just experienced.

Now imagine having the most stunning, flawless, professional-grade images documenting that exact moment of joy. No longer is the burden on you to recall and conjure up what the moment was like – you have the moment in your hands, right in front of you. Every jaw drop, every grin, every tear, every visceral reaction to the moment that has just rocked your world, is now available for you to relive and cherish for the rest of your life.

…And THAT was my experience with Bridget Couwenhoven photography. Bridget’s photography of our engagement was a HUGE surprise, and truly the best gift I could have ever imagined. She captured the raw emotion of the moment – the surprise, excitement, yelling, jumping, and everything in between – and cemented the memories of those few special minutes in a way that would have otherwise been lost. Her photos are absolutely breathtaking. (Unbeknownst to me until it was over), Bridget set us up for success with the location, wardrobe recommendations, and lighting/timing direction, and she captured all the movement and emotion that surrounds an engagement in such a steady and professional way. On top of the pictures being beautiful, she actually edited all photos THAT DAY and sent them to us in time for a surprise engagement party for all our friends and family to view. Getting engaged would have been the best day of my life no matter what, but Bridget’s presence and the gift of her talent was unexpected and jaw dropping. I truly cannot recommend Bridget Couwenhoven highly enough!!



Bridget did a wonderful job capturing our intimate and informal wedding. Beautiful pictures and she was so nice to work with.

Hi Bridget,

Ryan and I just want to say thank you again for being there on Saturday/Sunday to help capture our day.  We are so SO happy we had you there.  It was so much fun to spend time with you.  We can't wait to see the photos you took.  The ones you posted today are AMAZING.  I started to realize I didn't get a chance to really soak in the small details of everything, so I'm so thankful to have you to help me with that. 

We are so so blessed to have you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Morning Bridget

I hope all is well.  Just a short note to say great hanging out with last week with the Stanley Cup.

Hopefully you can be the first nanny, photographer for Miller Coors.   As you know beer and kids always goes well together.

I trust all the photos worked out, if not, we will have to come  back and do them all over

See you next time


Philip Pritchard l Vice President, Resource Centre & Curator

Hockey Hall of Fame



Where do we begin. From day 1 we knew that we wanted you to capture our love. You are so authentic and real. More than once a week we look through our pictures. And we experience every emotion- like we did on that day. You did a phenomenal job capturing us and our family.


Thank you so very much for the gift

that will keep giving me a very enjoyable past back.

Our wedding pictures are incredible! Bridget outdid herself and was amazing to work with. Right from the start she was very responsive to questions and helped us feel comfortable and natural on the big day. She worked with our huge bridal party, crazy big families, and last minute weather changes with so much patience and creativity. We are so happy with the final product!
— Eric & Mikala

I can't tell you what a blessing it was to have your artistry and talent taking these beautiful pictures of Mark and Melissa! They are priceless! It is as if God was shining his light and love on them and their union! You captured it perfectly! I have come to understand the value of having a professional photographer, with an eye for lighting, and a talent for timing, location and positioning. You captured the beauty of their love. It was a wonderful experience working with you and we are so excited to see the wedding photos!

God Bless

Deb and Jeff (parents of the bride).


Wow. Just wow.

You captured this day so flawlessly.

- The Woods Chapel

We’ve been going through the pictures since we got home from work and we are just obsessed with them! They are so perfect. Honestly thank you so much for capturing our day so beautifully for us, we will forever be grateful to have you as our photographer!!
— Carly + Nick
AMAZING!! Her portfolio speaks for itself, but I love her ability to capture ‘real’ moments.
— Katie & Stephen


Bridget is amazing and was a joy to work from the first time we met her. She was able to capture the moments we were unable to see ourselves, the moments we experienced but soon forgot, and the moments that are unforgettable. We truly discovered how special it is to have someone capture the memories that are just a fragment of time to make them last a lifetime. Thank you.

Bridget... I don’t even know how to put into words how I’m feeling right now.  I am so so in love with the photos from our wedding day.  You did an AMAZING job.  Those who have looked through the link you posted have already commented on how great you did!! How can I give you a review on Facebook?!! I can’t figure it out, but we want to give you 5 stars (we’d give you a million if we could)!!!!!  Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.  You are great.
— Kyle & Abby

We are filled with joy just with the thought of having found Bridget. I could not recommend her more. Not only is her work stunning, but she is beyond easy to work with. Engagement pictures were a blast, and having her with us on our wedding day was the best. She was so organized, directed groups well, and was really fun to be around. Everyone absolutely loved her! She captured our day completely, beautifully, and with more detail than I ever could've expected. Bridget is the way to go!!


Bridget was amazing to work with and traveled with a killer 3' step ladder to photograph the tall Greekwegians


My husband and I could not be happier with the decision to choose Bridget as our wedding and engagement photographer. She was professional, personable, and an awesome photographer. She helped us find a package that fit within our budget. She made us feel comfortable right from the beginning, and had many different ideas to help us stay looking "natural" when we were freezing cold. Many things didn't go as planned during our wedding day, but Bridget remained calm, flexible, and helpful throughout the day. She definitely went above and beyond and we are so thankful! The pictures turned out beautifully and we've had so many compliments on them. We would highly recommended Bridget!